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What is PHP Architecture.com? After working with PHP for a few years I have had the chance to write some scripts and code snippets that have helped me develop websites for both my clients and myself. None of which could have been possible without the help of the wonderful Open Source community.

This page is a way for me to give back to the same people who sacraficed their time and effort to help those like me who learn from tutorials and online guides. Cheers!

1/12/2008 - Free DNS provided by http://freedns.afraid.org/

5/07/2007 - Apologies for not getting the new HOWTO up, been busy and this was not on my list of priorities.

4/19/2007 - New mail server how to in the works. It takes into consideration all the latest software releases (even tested with the latest MySQL), and retains the same functionality! All Courier applications switched over to use "authlib" (a Courier package). Check back in a week or so.

5/16/2005 - Bug fixes made to Validate.PHP source. Thanks to Matt for his contribution!

4/27/2005 - Validate.PHP now has a Source Forge page under the name "validatephp"

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